You'll find a lot of great things about Sections 105 and 106. Despite being on the visitor side of the field, they'll still have the awesome energy you expect when you visit the Link. Lions fans aren't notorious for having a great travel base (especially to the northwest), so their side of the field won't be packed with Detroit fans. Additionally, in that corner of the field you'll be close to the Hawk's Nest which will certainly make you feel at home.

Front row view from the Northeast corner of the stadium

In terms of having good seats and seeing Seattle run out of the tunnel, you'll do well in those sections. You'll be directly across from the tunnel so the players will be running towards you. If you choose those sections, we do recommend being in a higher row so that you can see the rest of the field clearly. Sitting too close in those sections near the endzone makes it difficult to see when the action is on the opposite end of the field.

Seahawks entering the field
The Seahawks entering the field on the Southwest side of the Link

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Other sections to consider that are similarly priced to 105 and 106 are 126-130. These sections are right above or adjacent to the Seahawks tunnel, so you get the closest views of them entering and exiting the field. Sections 126-128 are also corner sections that have much better sitelines to midfield (and the other side of the field) than the deep endzone sections like 105 and 106.