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  • Asked 4 years ago
  • What does row GL3 mean in Section 21?
    Asked 11 months ago

    Row GL3 is the third row from the very front of Section 21, with the GL being short for Glass. Seats in rows GL1 through GL3 (first three rows in the section) are premium seating options that not only have impressive close views of the ice, but will also give you access to the upscale private club lounge areas.

    Tickets in the GL rows of Section 21 are an excellent option for Devils fans thanks to the close views, premium lounge access, and positioning near the net where the Devils attack twice.

  • Do you have to be 21 to sit in goal bar seats?
    Asked 2 years ago

    You do not have to be 21 to sit in the Goal Bar seats. Although these seats come with a drink rail and access to a bar-like lounge, the seats are available to patrons of all ages. Of course, as is the policy in the rest of the arena, you must be 21 and show ID to buy or drink alcohol.

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