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How many seats in each row of Section 107 at Philips Arena?

Oct 2014

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Below please find the number of seats in each row of Section 107 at Phillips Arena for a traditional end stage concert setup (please note that Seat 1 is on the aisle at the right side of each row):

  • Row C: 4 Seats
  • Row D: 5 Seats
  • Rows E-H: 6 Seats
  • Row J: 7 Seats
  • Rows K-L: 12 Seats
  • Rows N-P: 14 Seats
  • Rows Q-R: 15 Seats
  • Row S: 16 Seats
Seating Row Layout in Section 107 at Philips Arena
Section 107 will have just 4 seats in Row C, with more seats in each row as you get closer to the back of the section (Row S has 16 seats)

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