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What is rinkside seating at an Avalanche game?

Jan 2016

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Rinkside I

Ball Arena features two pricing levels of Rinkside seating for Avs games. The first pricing level is located in row 1 in all lower level sections 102-148. In addition to receiving the amenities awarded to all Rinkside ticketholders, these seats are located against the glass and offer one of the more desirable spots for an Avs game.

Rinkside II

The second pricing level is only found in rows 2-8 in sections 128-146. Colorado shoots towards this net in the first and third periods, making these seats a bit more desirable than those on the other end of the ice.

Rinkside Amenities

ball arena club level
The club concourse is available to Rinkside ticketholders

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Whether you're seated in Rinkside I or II, you'll enjoy the same amenities. You'll be able to enter Ball Arena 30 minutes earlier than fans in common seating and you'll have access to the exclusive Club Level. In addition to bars and lounge-like spaces to hang out, the club concourse features a full-service restaurant, club-only food options and craft beers.

Asked January 06, 2016

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