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Will section 144 or GA be better to sit in for a concert at the Pepsi Center?

How about the club level seats like Section 206 or 256? We want the best possible view for the best price.

Feb 2014

Answered by staff...

Note: this question and answer assume an end-stage setup with a general admission floor.

Between 144 and a GA Floor, we would choose GA - unless you knew you were sitting to the far left (as you look at the stage) in 144. Part of Section 144 is limited view, so you would be taking a risk by purchasing anything in that section. 128 or 146 would be the safer choices and still offer a great view.

The Club Level will afford you a good view, but the atmosphere will be a bit dulled. 236 and 256 come with the issue of being potentially limited view, while 206 is much farther from the stage than everything else you're considering.

The GA area will have the most energy and the best atmosphere, and the only issue with limited view is if you have to look over taller fans. So get there as early as you can and stake claim to a spot if you end up in the Pit.

Imagine Dragons General Admission
Fans crowding the General Admission Floor about 90 minutes before an Imagine Dragons show in Atlanta

Asked February 18, 2014 for Imagine Dragons on Mar 15, 2014

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