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Where are the best seats for concerts at Ball Arena?

I am looking for tickets for Fleetwood Mac and would pay up to $500.

May 2014

Answered by staff...

When Ball Arena is setup in the traditional end stage configuration, it can be difficult to beat the center floor section seats (Section BBB). These seats put you right at the center of the action and make it feel as if you are a part of the show. Floor Section BBB will typically have up to 25 rows of seating (starting with Row 1 being right up against the stage), with seats in the first 15 rows being among the best options.

Other great options include the lower rows of Sections 128 and 146, which are the closest of the inner bowl seating sections without being directly off to the side of the stage. Sections 130 and 144 are technically closer to the stage, however they will have an extreme side angle view and may have a very difficult time trying to see the faces of any of the band members. Sections 128 and 146 feature traditional stadium style seating, which gives you better elevation over the fans in front of you --- something you can't find in the floor sections. Optimal viewing in these sections comes from Rows 5-10 which provide the best viewing height to the elevated stage.

View is similar to what you can expect from the lower rows of Section 146 - Taken during a 2010 Passion Pit Concert at the Pepsi Center (now Ball Arena) (CreativeCommons)

Asked May 06, 2014 for Fleetwood Mac on Dec 12, 2014

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