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How many seats are in each row on the floor sections (AAA, BBB, CCC) at the Pepsi Center?

Jan 2017

Answered by Keith at

For traditional end-stage concerts at the Pepsi Center, the floor is split up into six sections, labeled AAA-FFF. For most concerts, seats are labeled 1-16 in the center-most floor sections, BBB and EEE. In the other four sections, seats are labeled 1-12.

In all instances, seat 1 is the right-most seat in the row. As a result, low-number seats in Sections AAA and DDD are closer to the center of the stage (as are high-number seats in CCC and FFF).

For the best overall experience, consider any seat number in BBB and EEE or seats 1-4 in AAA/DDD and 9-12 in CCC/FFF. The Pepsi Center does not reveal floor seat numbers, so it is important to know that these statements cover most concerts, but seat and row numbers do change from show to show.

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