The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory

How is the view in the 300 sections?

Sep 2018

Answered by Tyler at

The views in the 300 sections at The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory are good. You will not have to worry about any pole obstructions that will block you from seeing the artist. Depending on where you sit in the 300 sections, a pole may block your view of one of the two videos screens. However, since there are two of them if one is blocked, the other will be in clear view.

Even if you are seated in the far corner of the sections, you should be able to see everything perfectly fine on stage. Of course seating in the 100 and 200 levels will bring you closer, if the 300 level more fits your budget they are still a great option!

The view to the stage is clear, but the screen to the right of the stage is partially blocked in these seats.

Asked September 06, 2018 for Maxwell on Oct 27, 2018

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