Ohio Stadium

Where is visitor seating at Ohio Stadium?

Frequently Asked Question

All seating rows in sections 4C and 6C are designated for visiting team fans.

Section 4C and Section 6C

Seating rows 8 and higher are allotted for visiting team fans in sections 8C and 10C.

Rows 8-41 in Section 10C and Section 8C

Visiting team seating can be found on the lower tier in sections 4AA, 6AA, 8AA, and 10AA.

Includes Section 10AA, Section 4AA and more

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Great view from upper deck"

      (Section 8C) - -

      These seats are in the C Deck and what a beautiful view of everything! Not too far away!

    • "Great view!! High up but awesome view of everything!"

      (Section 8C) - -

      Our seats were very good. U can see everything from here. Its only a few rows from the very top row but it was. Great! Seats were bleacher style and hurt my butt after a while but nothing a seat cushion couldn't fix. Could hear crowd very good and great view of every play. Great priced seats. I paid...

    • "Close enough to be able to see"

      (Section 10AA) - -

      Good view

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