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  • ( L-2 SEC 122 - ROW 9) and ( U-2 SEC 122 - ROW 9 )The seat #s are higher in U-2, but are all seats in the same row next to each other?
    Asked 3 years ago
  • Where is FL19 row B?
    Asked 4 years ago

    Section FL19 is the field level seating that is located just in front of section 19 in the south endzone (between the endzone and section 19). These seats are as close as it gets to the field behind the endzone, and feature 6 lettered rows of bleacher style non-backed seating (Row A is closest to the field).

    FL20 view
    The view from FL20 shows just how close these seats are to the endzone (credit: avfms)
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