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  • Row 1, Seat 1
    Asked 3 years ago
  • Asked 4 years ago
  • Are all the amenities available in club seats for concerts like they are for football?
    Sitting in Section 112 for Paul McCartney.
    Asked 9 months ago

    For concerts, the special club amenities afforded during football games are not offered. One perk you will continue to receive is larger, padded seating with additional legroom.

  • Do seats in section 111C offer air conditioned lounge access for concerts?
    I recently attended a concert and sat in section 234 which had access to an air-conditioned lounge (the toyota club).
    Asked 6 months ago

    Fans seated in Section 111C-115C for most concerts (including Paul McCartney) at MetLife Stadium will have access to the Coaches Club. The club area may not provide the same benefits as during a Jets or Giants game, but there will be food and drink available for purchase.

  • Are there actual seats in general admission for Bruce Springsteen at MetLife Stadium?
    Asked 7 months ago

    The Bruce Springsteen show at MetLife Stadium has one of the more unique field setups for a football-stadium concert. Often times the field is all reserved seating or mostly reserved with a small general admission pit area. For the Springsteen show, the entire field is a general admission area.

    There are no seats in any of the general admission areas at MetLife Stadium. Thus, the entire field will be standing, and fans will occupy spaces on a first-come, first-serve basis. Unfortunately, this means you'll have to arrive early to occupy a space close to the stage and that you'll have to stand for the duration of the concert.

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