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  • We are coming to the Brewers game on August 24th and were wondering if we can eat at the Club Level concessions if we don't have Club Level tickets.
    Asked 3 years ago
  • Asked 3 years ago
  • Asked 3 years ago
  • My wife walks with a cane and has difficulty with stairs. Thank you.
    Asked 3 years ago
  • Asked 4 years ago
  • I am bringing an elderly guest who uses a cane.
    Asked 3 years ago
  • Is food included with the ticket?
    Asked 3 years ago
  • Is this a good place to sit for a game?
    Asked 2 years ago
  • Asked 3 years ago
  • Are seats in the Loge Bleachers first come first serve like the bleacher seats at Wrigley Field?
    Asked 9 months ago

    Unlike the outfield bleachers at Wrigley Field during the regular season, the Loge Bleachers at Miller Park consist of reserved individual seats rather than general admission / first come first serve.

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