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  • How is the view from Section O/ Row A?
    Is it too low, are you able to see over the people on the sidelines? As a fan for the visiting Seminoles, are the Clemson fans rude and violent?
    Asked 4 years ago

    Row A of Section O is the very first row of the section, and as a Seminoles fan it will be an incredible experience to be this close to the team. The view from close rows does make it difficult to see over the players

    Section M view
    The view from low rows on the sideline can make it difficult to see the whole field

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    Memorial Stadium isn't known as Death Valley for no reason. It can be an intimidating place for visiting players and fans alike. However, as is the case with most college football fan-bases, as long as you do not provoke arguments or taunt excessively, you should have no problems.

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