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  • Asked 3 years ago
  • How is the weather gonna be in section 36A row 90?
    Asked 2 years ago

    While many of the sideline seats at Nebraska's Memorial Stadium provide relief from the rain, wind and snow, endzone seating on both sides of the field is wildly exposed to the elements. Nowhere is this felt more than in the upper rows of these sections where the cross-winds blow without much relief.

    Among these sections, 36A, 36B and 16B-B2 are the best options for staying warm. Their location at the center of the seating deck does protect them slightly. Additionally, 36A and 36B are also protected from the cold North winds by the scoreboard and suites located on that side of the field.

    Overall, these are among the coldest sections in the stadium on a windy day and you should dress accordingly.

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