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Are the Lounges a good place to sit for a concert at MSG?

I am considering buying a ticket for a Billy Joel concert.

Nov 2013

Answered by staff...

The Lounge Seats on the East side of the stadium (also called the eighteen76 Balcony) are probably the most comfortable seats at MSG. The seats are leather, padded and extra-wide. The sections are small with few rows and seats, so getting in and out isn't an issue (plus you get in-seat wait service). However, this all comes with being about a mile away from the action on the ice, court -- or in your case -- the stage. Since Billy Joel is playing on an end-stage setup, you will be more than 200 feet from the stage (though he will be head-on looking at you). The sound quality is a little diluted being that far away and you won't be able to see much detail on the stage. So it really comes down to comfort vs. view. If comfort is a higher priority, there aren't many better seats.

Location of the Eighteen76 Balcony Seats at MSG
Eighteen76 Lounge seats offer the best in comfort, but some of the furthest views for an end-stage concert

Asked November 23, 2013

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