Madison Square Garden

Where is seat 1 in Section 113 at Madison Square Garden?

Is seat #1 to the left if you are facing the stage or is seat #1 all the way to the right if facing the stage?

Jun 2015

Answered by Keith at

For end-stage concerts, we don't recommend seats in Section 113 due to their location behind the stage. But with the number of tickets sold behind the stage at these Billy Joel concerts, there is no curtain or blinding distractions preventing you from getting a good view of the stage. In fact, these sections are much closer to the stage than head-on sections like 101, 102 and 103 and are being sold at a fraction of the cost.

Billy Joel behind the stage view
The view from seat 1 in Section 113 for a Billy Joel concert in 2014

Photo Creidt: user kegger420

When you are facing the floor/stage from your seats in Section 113, seat 1 is on your left - closer to Section 112 and more behind the stage.

Asked June 16, 2015 for Billy Joel on Jun 20, 2015

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