Lucas Oil Stadium

Where exactly is Section 243, Row 10 at Lucas Oil Stadium?

I have tickets to Saturday's game, 8/24/13 @7pm. I'm trying to figure out which is the best entrance to come in to get to where my seats are without any confusion.

Aug 2013

Answered by staff...

Section 243 is located along the sideline behind the Colts sideline. The best place to enter the stadium is the Huntington West gate, which is the entrance on the west side of the stadium near the intersection of Missouri Street and South Street.

Once you enter the stadium, you do not have to go up or down any stairs, just make your way to the sign that says 243 which will be to the left once you enter the west gate.

243, row 10 seat location

Once you go through the tunnel and can see the field, section 243 is the section behind the tunnel up the stairs. Row 10 is the 10th row and then you are at your seat.

Asked August 23, 2013 for NFL Preseason - Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts on Aug 24, 2013

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