Lincoln Financial Field

Where can you stand if you have an SRO ticket for an Eagles game?

Aug 2017

Answered by staff...

Unlike many stadiums that sell Standing Room Only tickets, Lincoln Financial Field does not have any specific standing areas for SRO ticketholders. Instead, fans are advised to stand on the ramps, stairways and plazas of the stadium.

eagles standing room only location
The northwest corner of the Linc provides plenty of plazas, ramps and stairs for fans with a standing room only ticket

The most popular place for fans to stand is behind the North Endzone. The Headhouse Plaza, Eagle's Nest and multiple ramps and stairways become crowded during the biggest games of the years (Cowboys and Giants). Fans enjoy the freedom to walk from place-to-place, but they often complain that these areas are heavily exposed to the wind and can become cold.

Fans with an SRO ticket will not be allowed to stand in the aisles, behind the seating bowl or in designated wheelchair areas. They will; however, be able to access the main concourse and all of its amenities.

Asked August 08, 2017

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