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  • I have seats 19-22.
    Asked 4 years ago
  • Asked 4 years ago
  • How low is too low to see over the players on the sidelines?
    What are the closest rows that are good seats? I know that the first few rows at Kenan are too low to see over the football team on the sidelines.
    Asked 8 months ago

    When looking at sideline seating for a Tar Heels game, the general rule of thumb is to avoid tickets in rows A-J. These are the 10 rows closest to the field - which is great for being near the players - but these same players will limit your view to some parts of the field. These rows are great for being totally immersed in the experience, but there are better views in higher rows.

    For the best overall experience, we recommend double-letter rows through WW. These seats provide plenty of height to see end-to-end comfortably, and are also close to the section tunnel where you can escape to grab concessions, head to the restroom or simply enter and exit the stadium easily.

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