Jordan-Hare Stadium

How many rows in Lower Level North Endzone at JHS? 

And can you suggest which rows are good seating?

Sep 2013

Answered by staff...

Sections in the north endzone at Jordan Hare Stadium (sections 38-43) have a total of 63 rows of seating in each section. Rows 1-27 are located in the lower half of the sections and are followed by rows 28-63 above.

North End Zone
Rows in the North Endzone are split by the entry tunnel near Row 27

For an optimal view of the game without being too low to the field and limited your line of sight to the opposite endzone, we recommend rows 17-27 as these will be a great elevation to view the game and will also keep you close to the entry tunnel which is located between rows 27 and 28.

Asked September 04, 2013 for Georgia Bulldogs at Auburn Tigers on Nov 16, 2013

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