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    How many rows are in each section at INTRUST Bank Arena?
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    Each section has a varying number of rows and seats per row. If you already have tickets, find your seats for row and seat numbers.

Fan Inquiries

  • What kind of view will we have of the show from Section 119 Row H?
    Purchased tickets early for this show and realized the tickets are beside the stage. I guess we thought getting tickets early they would be decent seats but it says there are below average seats.
    Asked 7 years ago

    Section 119 at Instrust Bank Arena is an extreme side section. It is not behind the stage - so you won't be behind a screen or looking from behind the curtain - but you also will not be looking directly at the performers.

    Intrust Arena side sections
    Section 119 is beside the stage and slightly behind it

    Extreme Side/Behind the Stage Sections

    For many shows, these extreme side sections are usually an inexpensive way to get close to the stage. But for a show like TSO where the performance is best viewed head-on, being close but on the side doesn't hold as much intrigue.

    Never-the-less, you should have a mostly clear view of the stage - it will just be from the side and slightly behind. These seats are typically not released, but are occasionally made available for the most popular shows.

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