There is a good amount of overhead roof coverage at Husky Stadium along the sidelines and is available on all levels.

The roof above sections 301-311 extends further out towards the field than the roof on the opposite side of the field above sections 325-333. Most seating rows in sections 301-311 will be under the protection of the larger roof, while only seats in rows 20 and higher will be under the roof in sections 325-333.

On the 200 level, all seating rows in sections 202-210 will be covered. However on the opposite side of the stadium, sections 226-233 have coverage in Rows 4 and above.

Coverage a bit harder to come by on the 100 level, but can be found in the back portions of Sections 102-109. Look for seats in Rows 35 and higher in these sections to have the best chance at coverage on the lower seating deck.