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Which is better for a concert at Honda Center, Section 104 or 201?

Feb 2013

Answered by staff...

For a traditional end stage setup, Section 201 will give you a head-on view of the performance, permanent seating, and is more elevated above the stage level. The advantages to Section 201 would be a more comfortable atmosphere off the floor, and an easier view over the fans sitting in front of you.

Section 104 however is located right on the floor for traditional end stage setups, and will be a more energetic area for a concert. It will keep you closer to the performance, but as there is no elevation between seating rows on the floor it can sometimes be difficult to see over taller fans in front. Floor seating will also keep you further from restrooms and concessions, and is also known for having fans stand for the majority of the performance.

Ultimately, if you prefer a more convenient experience for a show, we would recommend Section 201. But if you love being involved in the energy of the show and don't mind standing, Floor Section 104 will be the better option.

Section 104 vs. 201 at Honda Center for End Stage Concerts
Section 104 offers a higher energy on the floor, while Section 210 offers permanent stadium style seating with head-on views

Asked February 19, 2013 for New Kids on the Block with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men on Jul 13, 2013

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