As you had mentioned, there is definitely a possibility that these seats may be obstructed by the basket as section 117 is located directly behind it. Row K is the 10th row from the floor in the section (note that there is no row I), so you will be close to eye level with the backboard which can hinder your ability to see the action at the other side of the court. There are 15 seats in the section with seat 1 being furthest to the left as you face the court and seat 15 being furthest to the right. If you are in seats 1-4 or 12-15, you should be offset from the basket enough to minimize the view obstructions. Seats closer to the right side of the section (seat 15 is furthest right) will be closer to the band section which is just one section to the right and 7 rows down, and may be louder than seats further to the left.

Section 117 Seating at Greensboro Coliseum
Seats 5-11 will have difficult views from directly behind the basket in Section 117