Great American Ball Park

Where are the best seats in the shade at Great American Ball Park?

Jun 2014

Answered by staff...

The top options for staying in the shade at Great American Ball Park will be located on the first base side where you will face toward the east, putting the sun at back sooner.

The back rows of Sections 127-134 are among some of our favorite options for shade as the overhanging seating deck above provides additional protection from the sun in the last 5 rows of these sections. Look for seats in Rows LL through PP for the most shade in this seating area.

Club level Sections 301-307 also provide good shade in the last rows, and will feature access to the Champions Club Lounge where you can cool down if it gets too hot in the seats.

Photo above highlights the shade on the first base side (CreativeCommons)

And just be sure to avoid any seats beyond the outfield wall if you are sensitive to the sun, as these will see the least shade of any option at Great American Ball Park.

Asked June 16, 2014 for Cincinnati Reds vs. Toronto Blue Jays on Jun 22, 2014

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