Huntington Bank Pavilion

Are the 300 level seats bleachers or chairs? Also, are the 200 level seats chairs on the floor?

Mar 2019

Answered by Tyler at

The 300 sections are all individual seats. Sections 301-305 and 310-314 are located on risers and go up in height. Sections 306-309 are located on the floor and are a type of folding chair.

These are the seat types for the side 300 sections. They are individual seats on risers.
The 200 and middle 300 seats are a type of folding lawn chair. Each row is located behind the next with no height differential.

The 200 seats are similar to the middle 300 sections and are located on the ground level. The seats themselves are a type of folding chair. There is no elevation to these seats.

Asked March 01, 2019 for Peter Frampton on Jul 28, 2019

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