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How do I know where my SRO tickets are at Fenway Park?

What does SRBD, SRGM and SRP1B mean?
Apr 2016

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  • Answered by RateYourSeats.com staff...

    While most ballparks have one or two designated standing areas for fans with Standing Room Only tickets, Fenway Park has more than a half-dozen such areas. Because some of these areas (including the Green Monster SRO) are highly sought-after, not all SRO tickets have access to all SRO areas.

    Here are some of the common abbreviations used for SRO tickets at Fenway Park:

    • SRBD: Standing Room Bud Deck in the Right Field Roof Deck

    • SRGM: Standing Room Green Monster behind the reserved Monster Seats

    • SRP1B/SRP3B: Standing Room Pavilion First Base/Third Base

    • SRRFB: Standing Room Right Field Box

    • SRL1B/HP/3B/LF: Standing Room Lower Level

    Lower Level standing room tickets carry the lowest face value among all tickets to a Red Sox game. Pavilion and Roof Box/Deck SRO tickets are only slightly more expensive, while the Green Monster SRO tickets are very difficult to come by.

    Asked April 25, 2016

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