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How do I know where my SRO tickets are at Fenway Park?

What does SRBD, SRGM and SRP1B mean?

Apr 2016

Answered by RateYourSeats.com staff...

While most ballparks have one or two designated standing areas for fans with Standing Room Only tickets, Fenway Park has more than a half-dozen such areas. Because some of these areas (including the Green Monster SRO) are highly sought-after, not all SRO tickets have access to all SRO areas.

Here are some of the common abbreviations used for SRO tickets at Fenway Park:

  • SRBD: Standing Room Bud Deck in the Right Field Roof Deck

  • SRGM: Standing Room Green Monster behind the reserved Monster Seats

  • SRP1B/SRP3B: Standing Room Pavilion First Base/Third Base

  • SRRFB: Standing Room Right Field Box

  • SRL1B/HP/3B/LF: Standing Room Lower Level

Lower Level standing room tickets carry the lowest face value among all tickets to a Red Sox game. Pavilion and Roof Box/Deck SRO tickets are only slightly more expensive, while the Green Monster SRO tickets are very difficult to come by.

Asked April 25, 2016

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