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Where is Section 52RS Reserve Level Row K Seat 9 at Dodger Stadium?

Aug 2014

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Reserve Level Section 52 is located on the 3rd seating tier at Dodger Stadium, down the first base line near the right field corner. The reserve level has two portions to the seating deck, with some sections being located closer to the field than others. Reserve Section 52 is located in the front portion of the reserve deck, which will give you better views than Reserve Sections 50 and 46 which are located just behind.

Reserve Section 52 has as total of 20 lettered seating rows, running from Row A in the front to Row V in the back. Row K will be the 10th row from the front of the section, and features 19 seats in the row. As you face the field, Seat 1 will be on the aisle at the left side of the row (closer to home plate). Seat 9 is near the middle the middle of the row, but will be closer the to the the aisle at the left (between Reserve Sections 52 and 48).

View from Reserve Level Section 52 at Dodger Stadium

Asked August 20, 2014 for Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Diego Padres on Aug 20, 2014

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