Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Are Seats 8-11 in Section 1 Row 14 behind the basket at Banks Life Fieldhouse?

Is the basket blocking the view?

Dec 2013

Answered by staff...

There are a total of 15 seats in Section 1 Row 14, with seat 1 being further to the right in the section (as you face the court), and seat 15 being furthest to the left. Seats 8-11 will therefore be near the middle of the row and slightly further from being directly behind the basket (seat 1 being directly behind the basket). However, the view will still be partially be obstructed by the backboard and basket support structure, making it difficult to see the action at the top of the key on the right side of the court. To improve your view, we recommend moving closer to the sideline in Section 2 to move the basket further out of your line of sight and opening up more of the court in your sight lines.

Section 1 Bankers Life Fieldhouse
This is the view from Section 1 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, which is partially obstructed by the basket on the near side of the court.

Asked December 29, 2013 for Washington Wizards at Indiana Pacers on Jan 10, 2014

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