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    How many rows are in each section at Concord Pavilion?
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    Each section has a varying number of rows and seats per row. If you already have tickets, find your seats for row and seat numbers.

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  • How much covered seating is there at Concord Pavilion?
    Asked 3 years ago

    The roof at Concord Pavilion covers about half of the reserved seating. It is a rectangular shape that covers much of the seating that is centered to the stage. All seating in the Pit, Floor, and 100-Level sections are covered. Additionally, the roof covers nearly half of sections 203, 204, 205, 206, and 207, and it has coverage of the first few rows of sections 202 and 208. If you are in any seating in these sections, you can expect to be covered by the roof and protected from weather conditions.

    If you are on the lawn, in sections 201, 209, or in the back halves of sections 202-208, you should not expect to be covered by the roof and should be prepared for any potential weather conditions for the time of the event.

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