The views in Section 114 will be more exciting than those in Section 218 due to the closer proximity to the field, however Section 218 will have a great overall perspective of the game from the elevated position closer to home plate.

Seats in both the sections are pointed well towards the middle of the field, with the slight advantage going to Section 218 which points more at the pitchers mound while Section 114 points at second base (meaning slightly more head turning to see home plate). If you are going to a night game you won't need to worry about shade, however on sunny days and for those who need to be out of the sun, Section 114 is the better option as it will see the shade quicker.

In Section 114 Row 19 you will need to walk up and down 16 rows to move between the entry tunnel and the seats, and depending on which row you are considering in Section 218, you will have no longer than a 22 row walk (entry tunnel is located between Row F and Row 1, with Rows A-F located in the front of the section and Rows 1-22 located at the back).

Both areas are good options for a Tigers game, although we would give a slight edge to Section 114 for a night game as the sitting here will be a more exciting experience due to the closer positioning to the field.

View from Section 114 at Comerica Park
View from Section 218 at Comerica Park