Chase Field

How many seats per row in Section 326 at Chase Field?

Are the lower number seats at the left or right, and do the seat numbers continue or start again with seat 1 in the next section?

Apr 2014

Answered by staff...

Most seating rows in Section 326 will have 19 seats, with seat 1 being on the aisle at the right side of the section, and seat 19 being on the aisle at the left. Rows 4C and 8 are the exceptions, with Row 4C having 8 seats, and Row 8 having 16 seats.

In the neighboring sections across the aisles, the seating numbers will reset with seat 1 being on the right and the higher numbered seats being on the left.

Asked April 15, 2014 for New York Mets at Arizona Diamondbacks on Apr 15, 2014

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