Seats 42-50 in Row 57 of Section Y2 will be the furthest seats on the left side of the section as you face the field, with seat 50 being on the aisle. Row 57 is the second row from the top of the section just beneath the Field House and Kellner Hall at the South Endzone, and is just a short walk from the entry tunnel located on the same side of the section at Row 44.

The views from seats 42-50 will be very similar with no obstructions, so we recommend sitting in Seat 50 as it is on the aisle and will be much easier for getting to and from your seat.

View from Section Y2 Row 52 at Camp Randall Stadium
In seat photo taken from Section Y2 Row 52 at Camp Randall Stadium. Seats nearby will have excellent views to the videoboard at the far end, and the higher numbered seats will keep you closer to the center of the endzone.