Pavilion level seats unfortunately have some of the most scarce protection from the sun at Busch Stadium. The seats sit too far forward to get much shade from the roof above the terrace level (400 level), leaving the pavilion level very exposed until the sun falls far enough down to cast a larger shadow (not until late afternoon). The best options on this level will toward the back of sections 352 and 352 as the seats face directly east and will have the sun at the back quicker than other areas as the sun begins to fall to the west.

For the best shade at Busch Stadium, we recommend the back rows of Sections 160-163 (Rows 24 and higher) as well as the Redbird Club seats in Sections 253-257 (Rows 8 and higher).

Good coverage and shade at the back of Sections 160-163 (CreativeCommons)