Bryant-Denny Stadium

Is section H a good view at a Alabama football game or is it obstructed?

I have two tickets Section H, Row 1, Seats 15 and 16.

Jul 2013

Answered by staff...

Section H is located just off the 50 yard line and behind the Alabama team bench. Row 1 is the first row in the section, so you will be just about as close to the players as it gets.

Section H view
View of the field from Section H, Row 1

There is a concrete wall that separates you from the field - along with a fence - but neither are high enough to obstruct your view. The only concern you will have is being at a high enough elevation to see over the players that are standing on the sideline. Row 1 is slightly elevated above field level, however it may be difficult to see all the details for plays occurring right along the near sideline.

Overall, these seats are highly desired for their proximity to the Alabama players and coaches.

Asked July 06, 2013

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