Section 420 is located along the sideline, which is one of the more desirable vantage points to have during a game. You would be located two sections away from mid-court, which still offers good sight lines to both ends of the floor. Section 420 has a total of 21 rows running from Row A to Row X (please note that there are no rows at I, L, or O), and therefore Row T would be be towards the back as the 17th row in the section. This might create a sense of being far from the court, so this is something to consider. There is a Milwaukee Pro Shop located nearby at section 422, and a Crunch Time Concession stand just outside section 420 offering classic game time food options, so you have a good amount of amenities nearby.

View from Section 420 Row T at the Bradley Center
View from Section 420 Row T (located along the sideline but with further views near the top of the section)