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Where is Section 120 Row BB Seat 10 at Bell Centre?

Mar 2013

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    Row BB is the second row from the glass in Section 120. There are approximately 12 seats in this row, with seat 1 being on the aisle and furthest to the right as you face the ice. It is important to note that rows AA through DD in sections 120 and 121 are not separated by an aisle (these seats continue across sections with no break), so you will want to walk down the aisle that separates section 120 from 119 for the best access to these seats. The aisle between 120 and 119 will be the furthest right aisle as you face the ice from section 120.

    Section 110 Row BB Seat 10 at Bell Centre
    Section 110 Row BB Seat 10 is in the second row from the ice and 10 seats in front the right side of the section

    Asked March 13, 2013

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