Beaver Stadium

How are seats and rows in Section NKU at Beaver Stadium aligned?

Is Seat 12 in Row 67 right in front of Seat 12 in Row 68?

Aug 2014

Answered by Brian at

Beaver Stadium seating is such that when looking up at a section, the left side of the aisle has the odd numbered seats and the right side has the even numbered seats. This means that both Seat 1 and Seat 2 in a section will be on the aisle and then the seats count by two as they move toward the center.

The left side of Section NKU has seats 1-23 odds in all rows of the section. The right side of the section varies depending on the row, reaching a maximum of Seat 26 in the back.

Rows 67 and 68 in Section NKU only range from Seats 2-10 on the right side of the section when looking up at the seats. This means that Seat 12 does not exist in either of these rows. Generally, a seat in one row is directly in front of or behind the same number seat in an adjacent row, so these seats would be directly in front of each other, but they do not exist.

Asked August 19, 2014 for Penn State Nittany Lions vs. Akron Zips on Sep 6, 2014

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