As you face the field from Section 307 Row 1, seat #15 will be the 10th seat in from the left aisle.

Row 1 of Section 307 is divided into two sides by a walkway tunnel that is located just beneath the middle of this first row (you will notice that there is a railing in place of where seats 10-14 normally would be). As you face the field, seats 1-9 are located in the right half of Section 307 Row 1 (with Seat 1 being furthest to the right), while seats 15-24 make up the left half of section 307 Row 1 (with seat 24 being furthest to the left).

Use the entry tunnel between sections 305 and 307 to get to seats 1-8, and the tunnel between sections 307 and 308 for seats 15-24.