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Are seats 15 and 16 covered in Section 104 Row 26 at AT&T Park?

Mar 2013

Answered by staff...

Section 104 has 43 rows of seating running from Row 1 (closest to the field) to Row 43 (furthest). The last 10 rows of the section (Rows 34 to 43) are located under the overhang from the seating deck above, and if you are looking for rows that are best protected from inclement weather, we recommend considering rows 37 and higher. Row 26 will not be under the overhang from the deck above, which means you will be exposed to weather conditions, but will also have a more open view for tracking fly balls.

Covered seating in the last 10 Rows of Section 104
Rows 34 and higher have the best coverage in Section 104 (Pictured Above: Row 36)

Asked March 09, 2013

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