Elevators and Escalators Map
Elevators and escalators can be found down each baseline at Angel Stadium

There are two elevators at the stadium, one near the left field foul pole (just outside section 101) and another near the right field foul pole (outside section 134).

There are two escalators at the stadium which are located more towards home plate, just outside section 107 (near third base), and section 129 (near first base).

Your seating section is located directly behind home plate, and from this location the escalators are closer (each of the escalators) should be equidistant from your section.

One important thing to note though is that the escalators run only upward for most of the game, and only get switched to moving downward in the later innings. So if you need to get down to a lower level during the middle of the game, you might have to head to one of the foul poles to use the elevators.