Amway Center

Sections 109, 110, 111 How many rows per section at the Amway Center?

And how are seats number and total number per row?

Sep 2014

Answered by Keith at

Sections 109-111 all start with four rows of lettered seating A-D, and then move on to numbered rows beginning with 1. Section 109 and 111 ascend up to 18 rows, while Section 110 goes up to Row 22.

Nearly every row has a different number of seats. The rows lowest to the floor have the fewest number of seats and because the sections fan out as they go up, the higher rows have the most number of seats.

Sections 109 and 111 have up to 23 seats in a row, while Seat 27 in Row 22 of Section 110 is the highest seat number among the three sections.

Please also note that these sections are commonly confused with 109A-111A, which are smaller sections located just above Sections 109-111 (without the letter A).

Asked September 11, 2014 for Trans-Siberian Orchestra: The Christmas Attic on Dec 14, 2014

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