American Airlines Center

How is Section 112 Row L for hockey games at American Airlines Center?

Apr 2014

Answered by staff...

Row L located right in the middle of the section, 11 rows from the glass at the front, and 11 rows from the entry tunnel at the top of the section. From these seats you will have a very good viewing height that will allow you to see more of the action behind the near net against the boards (which further down rows may struggle with). It is also a good location for having a solid balance between proximity to the ice as well as the entry tunnel for trips to and from the concourse (for restrooms and concessions).

These seats are also directly behind the net where the Stars shoot twice, a great place to be for a home team fan to be close to the Stars goals, but less desirable if you are a fan of the visiting team.

View from Section 112
Section 112 provides a unique perspective not often seen on TV, and will keep home team fans close to the net where the Stars shoot twice

Asked April 16, 2014 for NHL Divisional Semifinals - Round 1: Anaheim Ducks at Dallas Stars - Game 3 on Apr 21, 2014

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