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Can I see the stage from Floor Section 14 at AAC in Dallas?

And will the people in front of me impede my view?

Mar 2013

Answered by staff...

Note: This answer is written for a traditional end-stage set-up. Actual set-ups may vary by performer and performance.

As section 14 is located on the floor, these seats will not have the benefit of stadium style seating where the rows in front of you are at a lower height than your row.

Therefore viewing obstruction does become a concern in these floor seating sections especially if you have taller fans in the seats in front of you. Many people in floor sections also end up standing for most of the show, so this also can lead to viewing obstruction.

Floor 14
Floor 14 is a great section for tall fans, but might present some viewing challenges for shorter guests

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Keeping You Close to the Action

But there is no question that floor seats are great for keeping you close to the action and will give you great alignment to the center of the stage. If you are able to get seats in the front row of Section 14, there should be a walkway aisle located in front of you which would clear up your view and help avoid obstruction from sitting directly behind other fans.

Alternative Options

The lower rows of sections 105, 106, 119, and 120 will be great alternatives as they have the traditional stadium style seating (elevated from the row in front) and will keep you close to the stage as well.

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