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Are concert seats in Section 109 at Allstate Arena obstructed?

I have 2 tickets for Garth brooks in sec 109, row D, seat 2,3. Will there be speaker stands or anything to block our whew since we are at the side of the stage?

Aug 2014

Answered by Keith at

Lower number seats in Section 109 at Allstate Arena are on the right side of the section as you look towards the stage. Given their extreme side view, they are susceptible to obstructions.

Because the section angles away from the center of the floor, seats in higher rows are more at risk. Speaker, screen and structure placements vary by performer and are set up in a way that compromises stage views the least.

Low number seats in Section 109 low rows are highlighted above

Asked August 19, 2014 for Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood on Sep 11, 2014

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