As with most sections in the 100 level, some views from section 115 are partially obstructed by the 200 level overhang. While this obstruction won't limit your ability to see to field level, it will distract you from action in the air. Long passes, high punts and field goals will be almost impossible to track.

alamodome row 35 obstructed view
The view from row 35 in section 131 - note the limited window to see the field

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What seats are obstructed?

The general rule of thumb in the 100 level is to avoid seats in rows 33 and above. These rows have the highest likelihood of being partially obstructed by the overhang. Small televisions monitors are set up in these locations, by they provide only minimal aid.

Avoid seats under the overhang at the Alamodome

Generally speaking, sitting under the overhang is a great way to stay cool or dry at an outdoor venue. However, at an indoor venue like the Alamodome, we highly recommend looking for seats in a lower row or moving up to the 300 level if you are cost-conscious.