5 Seconds of Summer All Summer Long: A Guide to the Tour's Various Seating Charts

Published April 14, 2015

Australian pop rock band, 5 Seconds of Summer, begins their "Rock Out with Your Socks Out" Tour on July 17 in ‚ÄčLas Vegas‚Äč. This is the band's first headlining tour in North America with stops in 35 cities. With a mix of venue types, there are several different seating charts for the tour. Find out where the best seats are in each type of venue.

5 Seconds of Summer
5 Seconds of Summer kicks off their tour this summer in Las Vegas

Photo Credit: Deviantart user Tatiana1890

5 Seconds of Summer performs in an ampitheatre or arena for each show on their upcoming tour. While most of the arenas have similar stage setups and differ only in floor sections, many of the ampitheatres have different seating layouts, but may offer some better views.

Arena Seating Options

All of the seating charts for arena shows on this tour feature an end stage with a catwalk. This extension from the stage usually runs about a third of the length of the floor. On either side of the catwalk, directly in front of the main stage, are two pit sections, which are standing room only and first-come, first-serve.

About half of the arena venues feature reserved floor seating, while the other half is general admission. The seating chart for the July 27 show at Rexall Place in Edmonton, has this general admission floor seating. Ticket holders in these sections will want to arrive up to a few hours before the show begins to get a good spot, as it is standing room only.

Rexall Place Seating Chart 5 Seconds of Summer
The seating chart for Rexall Place features general admission and pit sections

More reserved seating options are available in the raised levels surrounding the floor in arenas. Most of the arenas on this tour, like Seattle's Key Arena, where the band performs on July 24, have just two levels of raised seating. While this limits seating availability, it does make for closer views of the performance.

The closest views of the performance in arenas are from the pit sections, which are directly in front of the stage and catwalk. The front of floor sections will also have great views of the show. Fans will want to avoid any sections located near the side or back of the stage as views here may be obstructed, or the show will be facing the opposite direction.

Ampitheatre Seating Options

5 Seconds of Summer will be performing at ampitheatres as well, which all have a fan-like seating chart for a venue that is outdoors and often only covered near the stage. They have an end-stage which faces reserved seating options, pit sections, and even lawn seating. This setup eliminates seats from being located near the side or back of the stage.

In some ampitheatres, there is a pit section directly in front of the stage, like the one at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, New Jersey, where 5 Seconds of Summer performs on Sept. 4. This pit section has the closest views in the venue, but like those in arenas, is standing room only and first-come first serve

Susquehanna Bank Center Seating Chart 5 Seconds of Summer
The seating chart for the Susquehanna Bank Center features a pit section directly in front of the stage

The reserved seating options in ampitheatres are located behind the pit section, if there is one. Without a pit, the best views in the venue are found in the front of the reserved seating sections.

Behind the reserved seating sections, in every ampitheatre on this tour, there is a lawn section. This grassy area is general admission and guests may even bring blankets to sit on. The cheapest seats will be found on the lawn, but fans should note that they will often be sitting in direct sunlight and that these seats are the furthest away from the stage.

One type of venue may not be better than the other, arenas offer a greater amount of seating, while ampitheatres have fewer obstructed views.