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Miami-Dade Arena Floor Seats for Concerts

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Fans whose favorite performer is coming to Miami-Dade Arena might want to look at purchasing floor tickets for the show. Sitting on the floor allows fans to get very close to the stage while also getting head-on views of the performance.

What to Look For on the Floor

For traditional end stage performances, the floor of Miami-Dade Arena consists of seven sections with seats in floor section 1 providing the most impressive, up close views. Section 1 typically has just 5 numbered rows of seating and the rows are are very large with as many as 48 seats and no aisle breaks other than at the very edges.

In the middle of the floor, sections 2-4 offer a good alternative for an end stage show, and will also have a more affordable price tag than tickets in floor section 1. Section 3 has the best head on views here, and a much more manageable 14 seats per row.

While Sections 5-7 are still on the floor, fans might want to compare to side sections located in the bowl of the arena. Being located on the floor without elevation can sometime lead to more difficult views to the stage. This is an advantage of side sections that has steps between rows.

Floor Setups Change

Not every performance at Miami-Dade Arena will feature a traditional end stage configuration, and for some events you might find sections 1-3 all running up to the front of the stage. Other common layouts also include a full general admission floor area where spots are standing room only and will fill up on a first come first serve basis.

The best place to find the setup for the show you are looking to attend is on the Miami-Dade Arena Concert Seating Chart.

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