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Floor Seats at FLA Live Arena provide fans with some of the most memorable concert experiences due to their proximity to the performance on stage. The setup for the floor for a concert can change on a show by show basis, but most standard seating shows will have 10 sections with Sections 1 and 2 closest to the stage.

Fans with floor seats can expect temporary folding chairs at stage level. All rows are labeled with letters with A being at the front of the section. Seat 1 will be on the right of all sections when looking at the stage and go up in number as you move left.

As you move back from sections 3-5 the views become slightly further and less desirable. Without steps between rows, fans will be competing with those in front of them for clear sight lines. Pay close attention to the concert seating chart for a B-Stage or runway out from the stage. When these are present it could provide a great opportunity for fans sitting further back on the floor to be up close for a few songs.

Additional Floor Seating Notes

It is important to note that not all shows at FLA Live Arena feature the traditional end stage layout. Configurations vary from performer to performer, so we recommend viewing the specific concert seating chart for your event before purchasing your tickets.

Some shows with have Pit or General Admission Floor sections. These are open areas that are sectioned off without seats. Fans with tickets will have access to stand anywhere in the section to view the concert. Typically the closest spots will be taken up by those who arrive early.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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