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Section 203 at FivePoint Amphitheatre


FivePoint Amphitheatre Section 203 View

Section 203 Seating Notes

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  • For most concerts, rows in Section 203 are labeled 1-26

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    • Floor Seats


      Floor Seats at FivePoint Amphitheatre are sections that are setup on the grass in front of the Risers. Center Floor Sections 2 and 3 are considered Center Floor Seats. These are by far the best seats at FivePoint Amphitheatre and provide outstanding views to the stage, giving the concert an intimate feel. Of course being so close, these seats will usually come at a more expensive price compared to the rest of the venue. Each section has 23 rows for a standard setup without a pit. When there is a pit setup, a portion of the front rows will be cut out. Seat 1 will be on the middle side of the section. Therefore in section 2 the first seat will be on the left side when looking at the stage and the right side for section 3. One of the biggest benefits of the center floors over other floor sections is their head on view. All elements will be clearly visible from these seats including all members and visual effects. Do be aware that there is not any elevation between rows. Shorter people may want to look at the risers for clearer sightlines.  Side Floor   A majority of the seats on the Floor at FivePoint Amphitheare fall on the side of the stage with a slight angle. The sections are small and are really more of a continuation of seats than individual sections. Single digit sections will be closest to the stage, followed by 200 numbered sections.   Seat 1 will always start on the side closest to the stage. For example, if you are in section 202, the stage will be slightly to the left, therefore seat 1 will start from the left side of the section. Section 203 will be the opposite with seat 1 being on the right side. All seats are folding chairs and will not have cup holders or armrests.   Almost all side sections will have at least a little obstruction to the stage due the angle and the way the stage is set up. The obstruction will become more drastic as you move toward the outer sections. For example, the view will be worse from section 201 compared to section 202 so keep this in mind when looking at tickets to FivePoint Ampitheatre.   Obstructions aside, the artists usually stand at the front of the stage anyways. There are also large video screens on either side of the stage to help fans follow along.  

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